Extra-virgin Olive Oil

We use only organic fertilizers to cultivate our olive trees.

Olive hand harvesting, olive selection, cold olive crushing preserve all the properties and natural scents of our olives.

To avoid properties deterioration of the product, we can send it to you in food package.

Valcannetta olive oil "tesoro d'oliva" is obtained from the following varieties of olive trees:
Moraiolo 60% Frantoio 30% Leccino 10%

Organoleptic and visual characteristics:

Colour emerald green, fruity and significant presence of natural antioxidants.

Valcannetta – Tesoro d'Oliva.

The smell is deep, it comes with notes of cut grass, thyme and eucalyptus, while in the mouth is enhanced green pepper. Also good is the balance between bitter and spicy. (Review of 10/24/2012 GAMBERO ROSSO)